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San Lorenzo Elementary School has two computer technology labs. We have one lab with 24 iMacs - 1.83 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processors with 1 GB of SDRAM memory and OS X 10.4. Primarily, this lab is used by grades K-3. The second lab has 35 PCs loaded with Windows Vista. Each lab has software for typing, word processing, spreadsheet, and multimedia presentation lessons.

SLE has worked hard to provide technology education for students. In addition to the labs, the school has a first rate Ethernet and fiber optic network. Every room in the school has access to email and the Internet from classroom computers.  

Parents and students, at home, can explore the many Internet links currently in use at SLE by clicking here.

A large part of computer lab use for the upper grades revolves around using the Internet as a research tool - no surprise there! A webquest guide is available at this page.

Once students have a good idea of what is required to do a webquest, teachers can design their own webquests or download one of the many webquests shared on the web by educators. Here is a sample webquest.