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SLE Webquest

First Great Awakening


A famous author has decided to write a historical novel about the First Great Awakening.
You (or your group) have been hired to do some research for the author and write a short report from the research.

The Task:

Although the author's book will be a work of fiction, you will write a factual , historically accurate report. Your report will be created from the collection of facts and accounts written in books and electronic media, including the Internet.

The Process:

Plan your report by writing the stages needed to create the report, and the time required for each stage. Some of the stages needed are suggested in this list: You may add additional stages if needed.

  • identify the significant facts and ideas you will need to research
  • research all necessary information and write notes, or copy and paste
  • organise and structure your notes, and electronic clips
  • the first draft creation written in your own words
  • reviewing and draft rewriting


You will receive a grade based on three categories (called criteria).

1. Credibility - how truthful and factual is your research. Did you use factual websites and books?
Did you use any primary sources?

2. Dependability - this is about your research methods. Was your note taking carefully done? Did you cross reference your important facts? Did you credit or name your sources?

3. Fairness or objectivity - keeping your research on task. Did you let any personal feelings or opinions change the facts?


Your completed report will be proof that you are a qualified researcher in the First Great Awakening!